Klemmen Engineering Corporation

Design Principles

The raw materials are procured only form PGCIL/NTPC certified vendors, thereby maintaining high quality.

The connectors are manufactured for voltages up to 765kV and current upto 4000Amps and generally conform to IS : 5561 and NEMA CC1

Raw Materials : For Aluminum alloy only LM6 as per BS:1490/4600(A6) as per IS: 617 is used .For Copper alloy connectors Brass grade 3 of IS : 292 is used.

Stainless Steel fastners and M.S Galvanised bolts and nuts with plain and spring washers are used as per the requirement.

For expansion type connectors copper laminations are used upto 132kV and stranded Aluminium Conductors welded to connectors are used for 200kV and above.

Corona free connectors are offered for 220kV and above systems. By providing smooth surface and general radii on the outer surfaces of the connectors, the voltage gradient is reduced to avoid visual corona and radio interference.

For connectors on post insulators the mounting holes are slotted for minor adjustments during installation.