Our Products

  1. Power Connectors for Systems up to 765 kV and a continuous current rating upto 9500 Amps.
  2. Our connectors have been successfully tested for a short time current rating of 40 kA, 50 kA, 63 kA, 87 kA and 120 kA.
  3. Spacer Clamps for systems up to 765 kV are suitable for Twin, Triple, Quadruple, Hexa and Octagonal bundle of stranded conductors.
  1. Clamps for cable supporting system.
  2. Connectors for 1200 kV system developed and are used in PGCIL’s BINA switchyard.

Our Main Characteristics

Cost effective standardized solutions

Easy and safe assembly

Corona free

High strength aluminium alloy

Conformity with Indian & International standards

Our Design Principles

Our design of Extra High Voltage connectors and fittings meet critical field gradient configurations in conjunction with the mechanical and/or electrical load carrying requirements. They are designed to withstand all electrical or mechanical loads imposed on them during installation as well as during service conditions. The salient design features of our connectors are :

1. They offer lowest resistance and operate within permissible temperature limits when carrying the desired load current.

2. They withstand the rated short time current without any damage or permanent deformation.

3. They are designed with generous radii on the outer surface and to be finished smoothly without any sharp corners or edges to reduce the voltage gradient in order to avoid visual corona and radio interference.

4. They are designed such that the connector edges do not damage the conductor strands during operation (oscillation due to wind).

5. When two dissimilar metals are joined (e.g. Aluminium with Copper) galvanic corrosion takes place with the presence of moisture in between. To prevent the connector getting corroded, we provide suitable bi-metallic strips between the dissimilar metals.

Our Connectors

Power Connectors for EHV Substations

Power Connector is a vital link in any substation which establishes proper connection between the equipment through busbars.

The connectors are expected to be very reliable as the failure of the connector will lead to major breakdown in the substation.

In India, Power Connectors are designed, manufactured and tested in accordance with Indian Standard specification IS:5561 and International Standard NEMA CC 1.

We offer an extensive range of HV power connectors for substations and our connectors have been supplied to many customers worldwide and thanks to our consolidated experience, after more than 40 years no corrosion nor over-heating issues have been reported.

Approved by all major government power utilities in India


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