About Us

Pioneers in the design and manufacture of electrical power connectors up to 765kV.
Established in the year 1986 , we are the leaders in the Extra High Voltage substation connector market in India.

We were the first manufacturer to supply connectors for 765kV substations in India and a major percentage of the EHV connectors in service today were designed and supplied by us.

As a result of our design efforts, testing experience our EHV connectors, spacers and other related accessories are successfully in service for more than 35 years.

Our continuing efforts have aided the electrical industry in the development of Power Connectors in India.

The company is promoted by two Electrical Engineers Mr. S. Paulraj  and Mr. M. Krishnan having design, manufacturing and marketing experience of over 40 years in the electrical field especially in the electrical substations and power connectors.

The technology base is founded on:

 - The in-depth knowledge on the market by associating with various power projects and consultants across the country.
 - The engineering skills developed in designing various type of connectors.
 - The familiarity of various national and international codes, practices and standards.
 - The understanding of quality requirements of various inspection agencies and consulting organization.